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Bestup, the world's first and only, real money award-winning sound competition, is an interactive mobile application that reward both singers and users who vote.

How Do I Win?

Each user who downloads the application is a jury. Those who upload the video performance he/she sing are competitor. Submitted videos go through the approval phase. Approved videos are published in the pre-selection competition in the application. Each user adds his/her favorite voice to his/her team among these performances. The contestant who enters the team the most gets the right to go to the top round by passing the pre-qualifying. The total jury money prize is distributed equally among the users who take the winning contestant to their team. Contestants rising to the one top round are in the semi-finals and the contestants who have passed the semi-finals participate in the final contest. And get the opportunity to be discovered as the owner of awards such as making singles, making video clips, making a duet with a celebrity.

Be a Jury, Get it on your Team!
Listen to their performances in the pre-qualifying competition shared every day. Get the voices you like to your team. Attention! You can only choose 1 competitor to your team. So you have to be selective.

Use joker, increase your chances of winning!
You can take another contestant to your team using your joker. So you can increase your chances of winning.

Win big prize money!
The contestant who enters the team the most gets the right to go to the one top round by passing the pre-qualifying.The total jury prize is divided equally among the users who take the winner contestant to their team.

Sing your song, win the Single award!
Win pre-qualifying, semi-final and final rounds, get a video clip and single album reward

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What is Bestup?

Bestup is a money-winning mobile voice competition where talented voices who want to be discovered compete with each other and all users are voting as a jury.

Is the application paid?

It is completely free to download the app or participate in competitions.

Do you only offer real money as a reward?

Yes. In the pre-qualifying competition, the users who vote the contestant get real money.

What is the Pre-Qualification Contest?

The preliminary contest is the contest where the users who send the video performance they sing and apply to go to the top tour. The contestant, who entered the most teams until the end date of the contest, rises to the top round and is entitled to participate in the upcoming contest.

How can I increase my joker?

You can increase it as a reference to your friends with your username.

Why do I give my mobile number to login to the application?

We save your phone number to confirm and secure your account.

I trust my voice. How can I participate in the contest?

You can submit your application for the qualifying competition by submitting your video performance. If your performance complies with the approval requirements we have specified, it will be approved by our professional team, so you will qualify for the pre-selection competition. If you are the most performed team by the users, you will get to the semi-finals and then the final to get singles and video clips.

Can I participate in the contest as much as I want?

If you have performance during the evaluation phase, you cannot apply again. Otherwise, you can apply as many times as you want.

I want to make feedback or suggestions. How can I do it?

You can write from the “write to us” page in the menu or send an e-mail to

Which application markets are available?

You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Do team builders also earn real money?

Yes. You can win the sounds you like in the pre-qualification competitions by taking your team. The total jury prize is divided equally among the users who take the winning contestant to their team.

How do I transfer the prize money I earned to my account?

You can request a withdrawal from the Balance page when your balance is above the specified minimum amount.

What does the Joker do?

Thanks to the Joker, you can increase your chances of winning by choosing 1 more competitor. Remember, you can only use it once per competition.

How can I be informed about the competitions?

You can follow it from the home page. We also send you contest announcements if you keep your notifications open.

Can I change my username?

It is not possible to change your username.

When is the video I upload approved?

The videos you upload are approved within two days. You will be notified when it is shown in the pre-qualifying competition. You can follow your competition status from My Performance section.

Will I submit separate video performances for each top tour?

Yes. As we go to the top tour, the video performance times we request from you vary. You cannot participate in the upper laps with the performance you participated in the previous laps.

I have a question other than these, who can I ask?

For any questions, you can always mail to

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